Innovative New Model for Wellness Vacations

Published: 04th February 2008
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Ashland, Oregon - The Ashland Wellness Guide, the holistic resource directory of Ashland, Oregon has launched a series of innovative wellness vacations that provide what has been missing from wellness travel -- holistic vacations actually created by holistic health experts with a selection of services offered by 100's of world-class wellness professionals! With their new model of wellness vacation design, The Ashland Wellness Guide has done what resort spa vacations cannot. Single-venue vacations simply can't come close to offering the innumerable holistic health providers, teachers and activities the Ashland Wellness Vacations draw from.

The Ashland Wellness Vacations represent the best of an entire city, one that has been specifically focused on wellness for the past 100 years, and for 1000's of years by Native Americans prior to the founding of the town. The Ashland Wellness Guide offers an exclusive seasonal selection of wellness vacations, customized holistic vacations for individuals and groups, inspiring personal growth retreats, professional trainings, and specialized conference and event hosting.

In 1807 effervescent mineral springs were discovered in Ashland, soon 40 mineral and hot springs were located in the town. Since then Ashland has become a central hub for holistic health professionals, abounding with a phenomenal wealth of knowledge and wellness services. With an annual 300 days of sunshine and located in a scenic river valley in Southern Oregon, Ashland is midway between Portland and San Francisco and is a vacationer's haven.

Japanese Bath and Tea Gardens, a 30-acre hot springs center, organic spa pampering, personalized yoga and Pilates, nutrition, aromatherapy, wellness coaching, and life-changing retreats are only a glimpse of the town's treasures. The Ashland Wellness Vacations are a profound reminder of the Indigenous history of this unique location, where Native American tribes journeyed for healing and sacred gatherings. This return toward balance is exactly what is needed by a public dangerously exhausted from the high-speed modern lifestyle.

Today, tragically over-worked and chronically stressed, Americans have an urgently growing need for vacations that effectively promote wellness, stress-reduction, life-enrichment, and renewed joy. Unfortunately, the vast majority of "Wellness Travel" or "Holistic Vacations" are designed by business people with no professional training in holistic health. "Holistic" and "wellness" have become commercial buzzwords designed to draw in purchasers interested in health and lasting happiness. However, just putting a buzzword on a vacation, or including one massage, does not create a credible holistic health vacation.

The Ashland Wellness Guide now offers what so many have been waiting for -- real wellness vacations created by real experts in holistic health. The Ashland Wellness Vacations are carefully designed by the publisher of The Ashland Wellness Guide, Lisa Pavati, a national expert in holistic health. With 20 years expertise as a wellness teacher, Pavati is featured at the nation's largest holistic conferences, from The Whole Life Expos to Earthdance International. She has written columns for several holistic health publications and teaches dynamic personal growth, expressive arts, and women's retreats, as well as professional trainings.

"(Lisa is) an evolutionary force midwifing a better future for all!"-Earthdance International's executive director, Abigail Lewis. Lisa Pavati is certified as a Body-Mind Therapist, Neuro-Muscular Therapist, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Sport Massage Therapist, and Aromatherapist. She holds a degree in Psychology with minors in Native American Studies and Women's Studies. This high level of expertise is evidenced in the Ashland Wellness Guide's unique vacation packages and retreats, which read like a fantasy wish list for the chronically overworked who dream of deep relaxation, radiant vitality, and inspired joy.

The healing arts are an important part of Ashland's thriving arts culture. Home of the nation's oldest Shakespeare Festival, the picturesque town is brimming with creative expression. Artistry is a way of life in Ashland, from the Tony Award winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival and an always-exciting diversity of live music and dance, to a stunning array of fine art galleries and boutiques. Abundant restaurants feature cuisine that reflects global sophistication as well as the locally grown organic essence of Ashland. A progressive, environmentally and socially aware community, Ashland is a charmingly elegant yet authentically friendly town. It is home of world-renown authors and teachers such as Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsh, James Twyman and Jose Arguelles, to name a few.

Ashland is nestled in a gentle valley, providing gorgeous panoramic mountain views and a feeling of peaceful serenity. Ashland offers an endless variety of memorable vacation experiences from luxurious spa relaxation to outdoor adventure sports. In the heart of town, Ashland Creek flows through the 93-acre Lithia Park, an emerald oasis with lush meadows, arboretum, rose gardens, tennis courts, and an outdoor performance center.

The Ashland Wellness Vacations provide visitors with the local holistic experts' valuable inside knowledge of Ashland's finest gems. The Ashland Wellness Guide offers idyllic replenishing holistic vacations, including personal health retreats, blissfully relaxing weekend vacations, beautiful romantic getaways, fun-filled family vacations, girlfriend getaways, empowering retreats, and professional trainings.

To learn more about The Ashland Wellness Vacations, retreats, and customized events, and for assistance planning your vacation, visit

About The Ashland Wellness Guide:

The Ashland Wellness Guide, is The Holistic Resource Directory of Ashland, Oregon, promoting personal, community and environmental sustainable wellness. Committed to holistic wellness as "the wellness of the whole" the Guide offers numerous free community service sustainability initiatives. The city-wide Neighborhood Garden Project is an innovative transformation of Ashland's neighborhoods toward cooperative organic food-production and ecologically-sound landscapng. Ashland Wellness Guide publisher Lisa Pavati tours nationally, teaching a broad spectrum of inspiring holistic retreats for personal and professional growth. She is the founder of the award-winning Grandmother Council Project,

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